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SafetyMaster Smooth Solid Tires

Picture of SafetyMaster Smooth Solid Tires
THE ULTIMATE FLAT-PROOF SOLUTION for high abuse applications - transfer stations, mining, scrap yards. Lasts 3 to 4 times longer than an equivalent pneumatic R4 tire. 8 Lug Wheels Only

SolidAir Solid Tires

Picture of SolidAir Solid Tires
FLAT-PROOF SOLUTION with aperture holes that improve comfort by 40% compared to a standard solid tire. Massive tread pattern for excellent traction on all grounds 8 Lug Wheels Only

Safetymaster SKS

Picture of Safetymaster SKS
The SKS Solid Skid Steer tire is manufactured with 100% natural rubber which provides longer tire life and the deep tread lugs provide advanced traction in the most severe conditions.
8 Lug wheels only.

Max Duty Rim

Picture of Max Duty Rim
• Heavy duty tubeless, drop-center wheels to fit most tubeless construction tire sizes